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An evolving environment


Mark A Barill


With assistance by

Gabrielle Walton

Laura Rosner


Reception: December 12, 7-10 pm.

DV8 Espresso Bar & Gallery

208 S. Pennsylvania Ave

Greensburg, PA 15601


Dv8 Espresso Bar Gallery
308 Pennsylvania AVE
Greensburg, PA
724 219-0804

Cast and crew:
Mark A Barill* – Lead
Gabrielle Walton- artist
Laura Rosner – artist

The Project
The gallery will provide the context as studio, exhibition space and gift shop during the accretion of an installation. Grounded in Earth Science but making leaps of speculation and bounds of sweeping generalization we will toy with idea of evolution. Visually we intend to create, a theatrical nonlinear narrative, a record of the evolution of a set of ideas in text, imagery and three-dimensional objects: akin to a walking through sketchbook that thinks it’s a sculpture.nbsp;
The Gallery/workspace will be open to the public throughout the process.

 The Space
DV8 Espresso Bar Gallery
 Step 1. All the walls of DV8’s gallery have been covered with stretched canvas; a 5-foot wide linier element of thin white cloth has been stretched on top of the canvas. The white cloth will be the picture plane, the canvas a surface for notes, instructions, doodles and etc.
Step 2. Edit

MAY-SEPT. 2015 The show will progress from late May through September; completion will coincide with the opening of the new Westmoreland Museum of American Art and the planned citywide celebration.

May Sip n’ Stitch

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